Magic it is.

Long before even when I didnt know what magic meant, I was dealing with magicians. A lot of them. Some were there for a few seconds, Some stayed for a lifetime. So to all of you, I know I was lost in oblivion You bought me home, So I write to you, A poem filled... Continue Reading →


Can’t help falling in love with you

Dearest Sunshine, I would trade the sun for you if I could because I know that you brighten up my day better than all the galaxies and stars put together but I know its pretty messed up right now. I wish I could write you a million love songs so that even when we are... Continue Reading →

Love, Dont love.

honey, it will leave you breathless, Sick and lost. It will make you oblivious to¬†the passage of time, pull you into deep and dreamless¬†oblivion I know you are already there, but honey take a step back come what may but love, don't love.   trip over imaginations or crawl over scary thoughts but just remember... Continue Reading →


Scented candles and pretty lies, a love like this is ain't my type. Dear you, I hope we don't have to search for each other and fate gets us together. I don't want it to be a love at first sight. I want it to be magical bliss, a mysterious click at first sight. A... Continue Reading →

Feel me yet?

So there are feelings I don't speak of, Feelings that I don't even feel anymore. I cannot explain how it feels to feel all this, there are things that I want to scream out aloud but instead every night I end up whispering these words to myself.   So there are feelings I don't speak... Continue Reading →

Long Distance love

Dear Someone, I wont say that I love you because I am really not sure about it. Stupid these things are- love and illusion. They keep you confused all along the path until you reach the end of the road. I am afraid to fall for you before figuring out whether this is actually love... Continue Reading →

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